Company History


Founded in 1994 by Chuck Fest Jr., American Marketing and Mailing services, Inc. rises bounds above other direct marketing companies with specialized and effective services that address the unique requirements of different industries and companies.

With a staff of more than 90 professionals and annual sales in excess of $25,000,000, American Marketing and Mailing Services can help you boost sales and increase customer loyalty with direct response marketing, variable printing, statement processing, PURLS, and general product/service marketing.

A family owned and operated direct marketing company, American Marketing and Mailing Services prides itself on customer service, quality output, integrity, and reliability. Over the years, we have matured and developed into a full-service laser, variable print, and mail facility, in addition to our creative services as a direct marketing company. We handle almost every aspect of direct marketing in house: PERSONALIZED PRINT, FOLD, CUT, MATCH MAIL, INSERT, TAB, GLUE, PRODUCT ATTACH, PERF, LABEL, ADDRESS, STAMP, BIND and MAIL.

Our services include every aspect of the creative process, including graphics, copy, and layout. We provide complete programming, laser personalization, state-of-the-art lettershop operations, and list selection for our direct mail customers. Our internet promotional programs are among the most unique and leading-edge concepts on the market today, decisively making us the top direct marketing company in the industry. We can ENSURE the QUALITY & INTEGRITY of our products and services meet or exceed the high standards we set.

American has become one of the premier direct marketing companies for the past 21 years. We don’t follow the crowd – we lead. We invite you to join us. 813-886-5597